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About Me

Rick Aponte LMT

As a massage therapist I am constantly reminded of the complex workings or our bodies. Yet, as complex as we are, our bodies respond in remarkable ways to the simple application of therapeutic touch.

Fully Vaccinated

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Through observation deep tissue massage and Rapid Release Therapy. My goal of my massgage work is not only to relieve physical pain and strain but to also help provide the tools and resources needed to empower them to achieve optimal health and balance.

I have been certified in many different modalities of Massage Therapy for over two decades. My expertise encompasses Therapeutic, Swedish, Neuromuscular, Myofascial, Muscle Energy Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy and Rapid Release Therapy.

I have been practicing massage therapy and serving clients for over 21 years.

As a professional it is important to be sensitive to each client's comfort level. 

Appropriate draping practices are always observed and undergarments may be worn during any massage service. My customer's comfort level is paramount in the process.

 Prepare yourself for the ultimate luxury and comfort on my perfectly designed, ergonomically correct massage table. Combined with The Body Cushion System, which is designed to revolutionize and optimize your level of therapy. Its patented, specific-density construction provides optimal support reducing pressure, and bringing an unprecedented level of comfort to every client, epecially enhancing your “face down” experience. With one session on this heavenly Body Cushion System—you’ll be too spoiled to enjoy an ordinary flat table massage—ever again!